They’re quite good at what they do.»John Lamont

They’re quite good at what they do.»John Lamont, director of loss prevention for Jewellers Vigilance Canada, said there have been reports of at least five similar incidents from coast to coast. But because of the nature of the heists, there are likely many other victims who aren’t even aware of it yet, he said.»The fact that they have been seen from Vancouver all the way over to the East Coast would indicate they made a lot of stops on the way, and I think there’s a lot of jewellers out there that might not even know they’ve been hit,» said Lamont.»We’re asking our network of jewellers to check their diamonds to make sure they haven’t been victimized.»Smith went public about the robbery at his store this month, and said he has since heard directly from stores and police officers across Canada about similar heists. Smith estimates more than $1 million in diamonds may have been stolen by the pair.»It’s going to get much bigger,» he said in a phone interview Thursday, adding that he high fived and hugged staff members after hearing of the arrests.Smith said he was thrilled the sophisticated camera system at his store played a major role in identifying the suspects.»A good old little Saint John store was responsible for bringing down, it looks like, a major theft ring,» said Smith.Breen said there’s no doubt Smith’s camera security system played a big part in the arrests.»It’s a phenomenal set up.

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