The dispute is before an arbitration panel presently

(You can get somewhat better results by scanning today, because scanning and Photoshop technology is better, and because manga aren’t blown up to 150% of their original size to be printed in the American floppy comic format.) Ironcat’s translations were also, uh, budget, although Antarctic’s hadn’t been the best either.Nonetheless, Bang continued to appear at conventions as her cheerful self, cosplaying as Pikachu and chilling with other Ironcat artists like Shimpei Itoh (Hyper Dolls), until 1999 when Ironcat co founder Kuni Kimura was accused of embezzlement by his coworkers. Kimura fled to Japan, never to be heard from in American fandom again. The exact story of what happened to Kimura, Bang and Studio Ironcat is muddled by conflicting accounts, but it has the signs of a sadly familiar story of small press fans turned pro: running a business together isn’t the best way to stay friends.

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aaa replica designer handbags Paying such a high premium over market suggests there is a great deal of strategic value to Tianqi in the acquisition.The situation in Chile is further complicated by the fact that Corfo, which is the government body that administers leases on the country lithium salars, is in a dispute with SQM over discrepancies in what is owed versus what was paid by SQM in past years. The dispute is before an arbitration panel presently, but SQM has expressed confidence that a resolution is near.Podcast: MGX Minerals CEO Jared Lazerson on lithium extraction from hydrocarbon disposal wellsLithium fantasies vs. Bitter realitiesReuters reported that SQM would invest US$30 million to upgrade lithium hydroxide production capacity to 13,500 tonnes annually from its current level of 6,000 tonnes per annum. aaa replica designer handbags

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