She tracked down titles of residents’ homes

«Your mom didn’t hit you, did she?» Adams asks Callie as she wheels her into a room for the endoscopy. Callie admits that she didn’t. «People understand getting hit more than they understand what my mom does.» Callie took on the parental role as her mother slipped into addiction.

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In June, when the park’s offer was rejected, Antonia plotted at her kitchen table, establishing a weekly meeting with residents inside her home. When those meetings grew too large, they were moved outside to her patio. She tracked down titles of residents’ homes, posted flyers, contacted school leaders, and supplied her neighbors with prayers, coffee, and food..

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Touched on reducing property taxes for seniors by limiting the amount of property eligible for taxation.that program would put approximately $600 million dollars into the hands of seniors and what I do to balance the $600 million dollars that would be given to seniors is reduce government spending,» he said. «And that would require reduction in government spending by 3 percent.Doherty said he believes in marriage, between one man and one woman.I do have a voting record in the Legislature and I have introduced legislation on this particular issue, he said. Think the voters of New Jersey should decide because in 30 other states, the voters of those states went to the polls and they were able to decide.

Jordan Kivelstadt and Dan Donahoe started Free Flow in 2009 as a maker of branded wine in kegs. But the business model soon changed to efficiently and safely putting vintners’ high end wine in kegs to serve fast growing by the glass sales in restaurants. The number of brands Free Flow manages kegs for tops 350 now..

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