I am excited for this main challenge; I am hoping for some

The Last Ball on Earth

I just glad I live in the UK so Monique canada goose outlet reviews isn directly addressing me every fourteen seconds.I do love Monique to bits though, hoping she does well this challenge and places goose outlet canada high, especially knowing she can do all that with her canada goose outlet online card Canada Goose Jackets dress. Obviously I hoping for canada goose outlet sale my flair to get another sewing challenge win though, sorry it.I a little worried for Aquaria and my girl Kameron, because I feel buy canada goose jacket cheap like the prominent confessional saying «I going to show buy canada goose jacket RuPaul I a part of the competition I have been cast on and have already been in for weeks» is often a bad sign, but possibly canada goose outlet nyc worse is the total invisibility of Kameron aside from being in the bottom last week, especially because the looks we loved have been commissioned.»America!.» official canada goose outlet I love Monique so much, I am ready to vote canada goose coats in canada goose uk black friday our first drag president.I thought she was more than fair Canada Goose Outlet to Mayhem and really canada goose outlet shop checked in with Canada Goose Outlet her team to make sure everyone was happy with their role. Monique is very assured, canada goose uk outlet organized, and driven and maybe Mayhem was just so in her head she felt like she would drag the uk canada goose outlet whole team down if she spoke up. Life lesson, though, people are more forgiving if you speak up canada goose clearance sale and they canada goose outlet store have to make a few adjustments than if you say nothing and let everyone sink with canada goose you. It something I struggle with (Nina is one of my favorites because I relate to her so much) so uk canada goose I get it, but she was asked.It doesn canada goose coats on sale help that Kameron agreed with her despite being canada goose black friday sale right there the Canada Goose online many times Monique checked in.(If Monique is just safe yet again this week I flipping shit)Asia vs Monet sponges canada goose Canada Goose Coats On Sale outlet black friday and The Vixen handwritten notes are Canada Goose sale wonderful The Mayhem/Monique argument is one where I really don think either side is exclusively in the right or canada goose outlet jackets in the wrong. It Mayhem fault that she didn speak up canada goose store about her role canada goose outlet uk and she negatively impacted both canada goose outlet store uk herself and the team by that. On the other hand, we seen that Monique leadership style didn necessarily leave her team much breathing room and as much as she did ask them what their feelings were, for shier, quieter people that might still leave them feeling as though Canada Goose Parka they not being heard. It just wasn a good immediate canada goose outlet parka match up of personalities.Compare canada goose outlet uk sale it canada goose factory outlet to how Mayhem did on Vixen team the episode before where Vixen intentionally selected a group of quiet, more measured people partly to prevent this and you get the canada goose outlet canada canada goose factory sale picture.Glad to see Shawn, he looks fantastic.I am excited for this main challenge; I am hoping for some really great 70s/80s retro canada cheap canada goose uk goose outlet toronto factory futurism in the Alien theme and canada goose outlet new york city am hoping for some concepts/stories with the Global Warming theme, there is a lot of room for creativity no excuses! As long as no one comes out looking like Jiggly from her Post ApocalypticMini Challenge was fun, I do think Aquaria nipped it with the poo sorry Monique!Mayhem; Bring the challenge in and rise up to the occasion! No more excuses, you only have yourself now. You can use others as a crutch.Monique Heart; damn stop stealing the confessional spot light canadian goose jacket (But you good at it) although the amount of air time is concerning, just like Vanessa Mateo.Monet X Change. lol. I really love you; I am worried about your looks, canada goose clearance so far it has always been the same canada goose black friday sale shape and dress; I hope you shine this episode.Vixen seems canada goose outlet in usa to be in the background a bit? Are they not showing her interactions as much anymore, or is she generally a cheap Canada Goose reserved person? I don know anything canada goose jacket outlet about her to comment canada goose outlet on that.This challenge almost feels like Aquaria will https://www.arconserve.ca do great in, so I have high expectations canada goose uk shop for her canada goose outlet Canada Goose Online online uk looks; her best drag would of worked perfectly for the alien theme; curious to see what she comes up with.

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