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The songs are mostly remixes from Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden, along with a couple original tracks and songs from Arena and Q. You can play as any of the Investigation Team members plus Kanami, Nanako, and Margaret, along with a few others as DLC in a free play mode, though Margaret and the DLC characters do not make a playable appearance in story mode. Every character is limited to being the Main Dancer in the 2 4 songs choreographed for them (Margaret and the DLC characters are limited to only one song), albeit most characters can also be unlocked as «Social Link Fever Partners» who temporarily join other characters in their dances..

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replica Purse I’ll admit to being guilty on this front; to any of the friends I wasn’t in regular contact with, my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter probably gave off the impression I was enjoying a seamless transition from school to the ‘studentlife’ experience. The reality of course, was far from it. I don’t think it would be too much of an assumption to say that nobody’s transition is ‘seamless.’ Be wary of social media in that respect, particularly when it comes to starting university; everyone wants to project the freshers year they want other people to think they’re having, not the one they’re necessarily experiencing replica Purse.

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