Cela dit, il y a dans ces modles d’agrgation un aspect

And I think that just bad news all around for the government, Smith said.On top of that, Smith said McMorris is a key member of Wall inner circle and was overseeing a promise by Wall to privatize some liquor sales.The province announced last November that it was selling 40 of its 75 government owned liquor outlets and adding 12 private retail stores across the province.MADD Canada said last year https://www.lushreplica.com that it opposed plans to privatize liquor sales in Saskatchewan because it would make alcohol more accessible.have serious concerns about privatization of alcohol and it an embarrassment, and should be an embarrassment, to this government to have a minister responsible for it charged with impaired driving, Andrew Murie of MADD Canada said.he didn kill anyone and he didn hurt himself, but he could have. Driving became an issue in Saskatchewan provincial election this past spring when Wall defended three of his party candidates who had drunk driving convictions.Wall said at the time that the convictions were many years ago and the candidates fully disclosed them. The most recent of the convictions was 15 years ago.The NDP also admitted during the campaign that two of its candidates had impaired driving convictions.McMorris said he has indicated many times that drinking and driving is dangerous and unacceptable, which is why the government has strengthened laws and penalties to combat it..

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