Actually, it is really a sharing project as the intention is

Highsnobiety Q&A | Malin Elmlid of The Bread Exchange

With the release of her book ‘The Bread Exchange,’ we sat down with author Malin Elmlid to learn more about her unusual project and the stories that accompany replacing a monetary system with the world’s most universal food.Originally from Sweden, Malin Elmlid relocated moncler outlet sale to Berlin after graduating from university in order to improve her German. Following a stint as a Sales Representative for Wood Wood alongside opening the Danish brand’s store in the city’s Mitte district, Elmlid’s obsession with bread began when she realized just how much terrible bread was out there. Heading back to her home country and teaching herself to bake, she discovered Swedish bakers Lars Gustafsson and Manfred Enockson. Malin quickly monlcer down jackets accepted an internship at the bakery and learned everything she needed to know.The moncler sale outlet rest is history, which luckily, has been documented in her new book The Bread Exchange.Can you explain how and why you started The Bread Exchange?It just kind of happened actually. Most white bread around me was pretty crap and I really love a good loaf of white bread (made without yeast). I started baking for myself and since I was traveling in the fashion business I took my sourdough with me to be able to bake wherever I was. I gave away most of the loaves and after 1 – 2 years I started to receive gifts in return for the bread I had been sharing. This didn’t stop and ta-da! All of a sudden I was running a trading project. Actually, it is really a sharing project as the intention is not “I want something,” but rather that I am interested in what people are willing to share.What is it that makes bread the ideal basis for trading?I am not sure if it is the ideal basis for trading if I’m being honest. But it has proven to be ideal for making this project spread globally. Bread is a perfect door opener as it has a very strong poetic meaning that we all understand – regardless of our cultural heritage. Bread is made for sharing but it is not bound to one religion. On top of this, high quality bread is very rare to find, so quality-sensitive people realize the value of an artisan loaf. This also makes bread classless even though it has long been considered a staple item.The Bread Exchange builds a relationship between two people based on a trade, have moncler sale you experienced a connection like this elsewhere in life?Not really. With a trade you moncler outlet dive straight into very interesting topics such as what value means, since everyone – including myself – who is taking part in this has had buy moncler jackets to think about cheap moncler outlet this in some way.How do you think trading a product for another product instead of money changes the value of the goods?It doesn’t have to, but if the product is high quality or made with dedication by someone, it can become even more valuable than it cheap moncler would have been if you had been dealing in money. Money is great because it makes the exchange cheap moncler coats of goods anonymous. Most of the time I moncler outlet store want this freedom and privacy (seriously, trading goods is time consuming and you simply do not want a closeness with everyone out there). However, there are products (and their stories) and people that you miss when only dealing with a monetary system. These people and products, which widen horizons, are moncler mens jackets what I have acquired, thanks to The Bread Exchange.Which countries, industries and people have been most receptive to trading with The Bread Exchange?Germany, the U.S., South Korea and Poland.The Bread Exchange has taken you to plenty of exotic places, what are some in particular that stand out?Afghanistan definitely. And I fear it is men moncler vests a place I won’t be able to return to soon. But also Egypt. The stories in cheap moncler jackets the book that I have just published is actually a collection of places that I found particularly inspiring.What has been the biggest risk you’ve taken with The Bread Exchange project?Deciding to focus solely on something you believe in. It’s not really a risk but to not do it would have been one. I don’t think I can see any real risks in the project apart from trading in highly dangerous places.What are some of the most unusual, difficult and even illegal products you’ve traded your bread for?The most, well not difficult but uncomfortable, was probably when I realized that the U.S. woman I was trading with was actually working for the secret service. I was pretty sure I would be in trouble on my next border check. But all good, she got back to me again and we’ve traded several times since.The most unusual must have been the offer to call a cheap moncler sale guy in the middle of moncler outlet online the night if I ever felt that I needed someone to cheer me up. I don’t think it was a pickup line but I never needed to use it. Maybe I should pass on the number to someone in need?Since regulations are different everywhere in the world there are some illegal ones, yes. I loved when a lady traded Tonkabeans, which are supposed to be illegal in the U.S. because they are an aphrodisiac. They ended up in the “Magic Cake” recipe in my book. Another one was raw milk cheese – which is also illegal in The States. (I almost got caught by the police for that one), crazy.Watch the teaser video by Studio Kippenberger here below and pick up your copy of The Bread Exchange.

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